Episode 14: What Wine Goes with Cap’n Crunch? –George Carlin


Candace: Red wine from FirstLeaf Wine Club subscription

Image from Food and Wine website

Kelly: Shoe Crazy Wine Chardonnay

Image from VinoShipper.com

Jamie: Shoe Crazy Wine Pink Rose Sangria and Cabernet Sauvignon

Images from VinoShipper.com


Candace: Get yourself an air fryer (and then air fry some chickpeas)

Image from Kohl’s website

Kelly: The Dickinson Sisters Mysteries series by Blythe Baker; Something in Particular with Teddy & Arthur webcast

Image from Blythe Baker’s website
Image from the Something in Particular website

Jamie: Ozaiic yoga socks; a sister-in-law who visits and makes you baked ziti; HERstory on the Rocks podcast

Image from Amazon.com
Image from 1986 Entertainment’s website

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